Wednesday, 18 November 2009

How to tune automount of USB flash in Gnome

Sometimes I can not mount flash SD card on my Ubuntu 9.04 PC as read/write. It mounted only as read-only. I've checked several sources and found a places to configure mount options:
- in flash drive properties (Desktop-> right click FlashDriveIcon->properties->Volume Tab )

- in gconf-editor (run it from command line #gconf-editor)

Here I can change mount options, filesystem type and mount point. I found this control useful in some case.

P.S. However I didn't solve my problem with mounting SD card only as read-only. The same type card mounted fine with same settings. Read-only lock on the first SD card in open for write position. It seems that there is something connected with contents of the SD card (on others PC I can easily read and write it...).

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